Conditioning Body Scrub
This body scrub has been amazing. This has a rich honey like color with key ingredients such as seed butter, sugar, salt, seed oil and almond oil. You will not have a better exfoliation than this product leaving your skin soft, supple and smooth which gets rid of all the dead skin cells. It is lightly fragranced. Nothing overpowering. The packaging is gorgeous and reminds me of nature.

Moisturizing Oil
The moisturizing oil has so many uses. You can add a few drops to your skincare routine to provide that extra moisture, rub it on your your dry elbows, ankles, knees or elbows. You can also use it to soften your cuticles or on your scalp before washing your hair. Anywhere on your body that feels dry. This is rich in vitamins and fatty acids. The packaging is so elegant. Beautiful glass bottle with a couple of different designs.

Nourishing Hand Cream
The nourishing cream soaks deeply into your skin leaving it soft and moisturized. One cannot get enough of the fragrance. Smells of nature. The notes are mint, citrus, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter. I have been using this on my hands as well as my legs and arms. You do not get a greasy like feeling at all. A great cream to use. The packaging is beautifully created.